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Taking credit for a job well done.

For our corporate customers, there’s the Business Advantage Visa® or MasterCard®. Our Business Advantage cards save you time, money and make it easy to keep track of expenses.  As with any Visa® or MasterCard®, the Business Advantage card means worldwide acceptance.

If you choose the Visa® Business Card option, you will earn points toward valuable Visa® Extras rewards while shopping, dining, traveling or entertaining for your business.

VISA - MasterCard

• Revolving Balance Option
• Low Variable Annual Percentage Rate
• Automatic Payment/Web Pay Options
• Visa® Business Card
• No Annual Fee Option
• Earn Visa® Extras rewards
• No Grace Period Option
• MasterCard® Business Card
• Interest-Free Grace Period
• Minimal Annual Fees
• Payment Options (Consolidated/Individual Pay)
• Individualized Cards and Spending Limits
• Auto Rental Insurance

Call us or come see us at any of our three locations in Parkersburg, South Parkersburg, or Spencer, and let us get you going with the credit card program that’s right for you.

Business Advantage

Merchant Advantage with Visa® and MasterCard®

Currently there are more than 600 million Visa® and MasterCards® issued worldwide and over 9,000,000 merchants are already accepting Visa® and MasterCard® as payment for their products and services. If your business does not accept credit cards, you are missing out on many sales opportunities — not to mention fewer losses and greater profits.


  • Mobile Banking: Available for iOS and Android

    • Available on the Apple store
    • Available on the Google Play store
  • eStatements: The fastest way to receive your monthly statements

  • Bounce Protection: A special service for your checking account from FNB

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