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Make a deposit in your future.

piggy bankTrying to save? Whether you are saving for that special family vacation, a rainy day, or for your children’s college education, First Neighborhood Bank offers a number of savings accounts at competitive interest rates.

Money Market Plus Account

A savings account that offers the competitive rate of interest (real rate) in exchange for larger-than-normal deposits.

  • Minimum To Open – $2500
  • Interest compounded every month and credited to account
  • Service charge fee of $7 every statement cycle if balance in account falls below $2500 any day of the cycle
  • Must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $2500 to obtain the disclosed annual percentage rate
  • Transfers from a Money Market Plus account to another account or to third parties by pre-authorized, automatic, or telephone transfer are limited to six per statement cycle with no more than three by check, draft, or similar third parties
  • Interest rate and annual percentage yield may be changed at any time at FNB’s discretion

Savings Account

  • Minimum To Open – $100 ($25 For Minors)
  • Disclosed interest rate viable for at least 30 calendar days-rate will not decrease without prior 30-day written notice
  • Interest will be compounded quarterly and deposited into account
  • Service charge of $1 every statement cycle if the balance falls below $100 any day of the cycle
  • Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit cash or non-cash items (for example: checks)
  • Transfers from regular savings account to another account or third parties are limited to six per month, with no transfers by check or similar order
  • Mobile Banking: Available for iOS and Android

    • Available on the Apple store
    • Available on the Google Play store
  • eStatements: The fastest way to receive your monthly statements

  • Bounce Protection: A special service for your checking account from FNB

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