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Telephone Banking - It’s for you.

Samsung and Apple phonesWith the new First Touch Telephone Banking system, you can access your First Neighborhood Bank accounts any time of day — no matter where you are. 

Call First Touch from any touch-tone phone anywhere in the world and in just minutes you can confirm cleared checks, verify account balances and transfer funds. Try First Touch Telephone Banking today. It’s fast, it’s easy, but even better, it’s safe.

first touch telebanking

To use First Touch Telephone Banking

  1. Call the First Touch 24/7 hotline toll-free at 866-352-2265 to access your First Neighborhood Bank accounts. Have the account number of the account you wish to check ready.
  2. Follow the prompts and select your choices using the touch-tone key pad.
  • Mobile Banking: Available for iOS and Android

    • Available on the Apple store
    • Available on the Google Play store
  • eStatements: The fastest way to receive your monthly statements

  • Bounce Protection: A special service for your checking account from FNB

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