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Business eStatements

Sign up for eStatements Today!

eStatements are a safe, convenient way to manage your finances and they are now available at First Neighborhood Bank! You can view, save and print your account statements – all with the click of a button.

Signing up for eStatements is easy! Simply log on to First Touch OnLine Banking from our website, click on the eStatements icon and follow the prompts, OR, contact/call one of our friendly personal bankers.

Frequently asked questions about eStatements

Why would I want to receive eStatements?
eStatements are the fastest way to receive your statements. You can view, download or print your statement at your convenience. eStatements arrive sooner than a paper statement, lessen the amount of mail you receive, and may reduce the risk of identity theft.

Is there a charge to receive eStatements?
No, there is no charge.
Will I still get paper statements if I enroll in eStatements?
When you enroll in eStatements, you will no longer receive paper statements.

How secure are eStatements?
Your actual statement is not sent through email. Instead we send you an email notification that your eStatement is available to view online. It can only be accessed by logging in to First Touch Online Banking with your username and password.
How do I receive my eStatements?
Each month you will receive an email notifying you that your statement is ready and available through First Touch OnLine Banking at First Neighborhood Bank. Simply log in and click on the eStatements tab at the top of the page. Note: A valid email address is needed to participate in the program.

Can I print my eStatements?
Yes, you can print your statements. You can also save an electronic copy to be viewed at a later date.
Where can I store my eStatements?
You can store your statements on your computer, to a flash drive, CD, or disk.

Do I need additional software to receive and view my eStatements?
You will need an internet connection, compatible PDF viewer, and a valid email address.
How long are eStatements available through First Touch Online Banking?
Access up to eighteen months of eStatements for each account enrolled. It is your responsibility to retain your eStatements by printing the PDF file or by saving the PDF file to your hard drive or other storage medium.

Can I request older statements if I didn’t save them?
Yes, for an applicable fee. Please contact a Customer Service Representative at any of our offices.
Can my eStatements be exported to other programs?
eStatements are sent in a PDF format only.

What if my email address changes?
You can change your email address by visiting our website. Log on to First Touch OnLine Banking and click on the “eStatements” tab, then click on the “Email” tab.
No, once you begin receiving your statement electronically, you will no longer receive a hard copy of your bank account statement or any images of your canceled checks. You have the ability to see your canceled checks online by viewing the transaction history of your account and clicking the check number link.
You can enroll the following accounts in eStatements: checking, savings and money market. Loan and other accounts are not available on eStatements.
You will receive your first eStatement and stop receiving paper statements with your next statement cycle. You may receive one last paper statement before eStatements begin.
Just log into First Touch Online Banking, click the eStatements tab at the top of the page and follow the prompts. It’s that easy! If you do not have an Online Banking username and password, contact a Personal Banker.
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